​​Setting up a rare 1962 Les Paul

 At BornAgain, we get into the details to

give your guitar the sound and feel that

you want — and we have lots of experience

with vintage! 

From superb action to the electronics you always dreamed to a look that is all your own-  Call Hans at BornAgainGuitars

Click to see the setup video on a 

classic 62 Les Paul Special SG!

•3 minutes of fun as we walk you through the BornAgainSetup

•See advanced techniques that make guitars great

•See examples of original BornAgainGuitars

  ( checkout the inlays on the T Body )

​   And experience a true rarebird;

  -Early in th period where ‘Les Paul’  = 'SG'

  -Modified in the early 70s to optimize playability

  -Early 70s Dimarzio PAFs