The Born Again Setup

So you want your guitar to sound and feel better?

Here is a simple, fast and cost effective way to get your guitar in top condition and bring new life to your sound.  

A Born Again setup includes:

•Inspection with overall Evaluation
•String gauge recommendation
•Optimize acoustic properties / electronics for your

  best tone
•String height and radius check to improve playability,

  eliminating high frets and buzz problems
•Intonation adjustment to ensure your guitar is in tune
•Electronics evaluation- pickup distances, check for shorts

•Neck angle check and truss rod adjustment
•Bridge, nut and saddle adjustment
•Check for loose tuners, hardware, control knobs and

  input jacks

A new setup will bring your guitar to life- giving you the sounds,

the tone and the feel that your are looking for.

Give me a call,

my specialty is helping you

to sound and play the best

by having your guitar tuned

to perfection!

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