"Spent some time playing last night and more this morning and the new saddle you crafted has made a real difference in the feel and playability of the guitar - I absolutely love it. The string height feels just right. Also, the filing/shaping/carving of the several angles is very clean and elegant - really fine work. Oh, and most importantly, the guitar sounds fantastic."

 Thanks so much,


"Hans, thank you so much for donating a guitar to the youth!!  That is awesome!!  I know it will be used and loved for many years!"


"I think I was in shock! I could not believe how perfect this came out! Really put it through its paces when I got home, and am totally blown away. Feels/plays better than ever, and was still perfectly in tune when I got it back home. Truly miraculous! Thanks again, Hans. I feel like I'm dreaming, and stepped back into 1984- it's that freaking good!!!!"