Psalm 98:5
Sing praises to the Lord with the lyre,
with the lyre and the sound of melody!

T h e  G i f t e d  G u i t a r

Today, I still look for folks that would appreciate a playable guitar and have had many friends donate their neglected and broken guitars, some of which would cost more to repair than they are worth. We are willing to fix them if possible and if not, save parts which may enable us to make the next guitar repairable. So we invite those who have these instruments, to donate them to The Gifted Guitar Program and we will make them playable again, 

then find a good home for that instrument. We like to keep track of those folks who receive them and always include our special introduction package along with the special Gifted Guitar Encouragement Card.

All in all, it "keeps the music going!" 

Finding homes for the repaired guitars is very rewarding and to know that they bring joy and music to different venues. From flood damaged churches to young achievers to handicapped and challenged individuals, it's all good, all the time.

Years ago, I started a habit of visiting flea markets and yard sales...mostly in quest of finding inexpensive, fun items for my twin boys. Being an early riser, I usually found it quite an adventure and many times came across guitars, some of which were abused and sometimes broken and un-playable. That’s when I became "The Guitar Healer" and found myself continuously fixing them and then finding new homes for them and donating them to church ministries and local organizations. That premise was where BornAgainGuitars actually began.

My only wish is that when I find someone who wants a guitar, young or old, that they would attempt to learn how to play the instrument. Many times, I have given them a free lesson or two to get them started, having them pledge that if they did not find a continued interest in playing, they would simply pass it on, gifting it along to another interested person. It's that simple.

A Way To Keep The Music Going!

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