As a result, I provide exactly the level of service that is right for your sound:

Optimization is a relatively inexpensive way to get what you want- from bridge adjustment to touching up the finish. Setup and restoration go a long way, protecting your investment and making playing more enjoyable.

Upgrades and Modifications are great middle of the road solutions- from nuts to electronics, small changes can make extreme differences and I will help you protect your instrument’s historic value.

Custom Design is the ultimate opportunity to build exactly what you need. From scale length to wood selection, the variables are tremendous and it’s the reason I went to Luthier school. But we also want to find perfect look and my artistic experience comes in handy. I offer custom inlay designs featuring Abalone and Mother of Pearl.

From superb action to the electronics you always dreamed of -and the look that is all your own-  

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Ask us about our custom electronics upgrade services and our expert Michael

"the MODman" Stierhoff.

So, What is the perfect guitar for you?

​My specialty is helping you find the exact sound and feel that you need to play your best. 
It takes a lot of experience to connect you with the experience you are looking for—after all there are infinite options and you may have a limited budget.
I combine three different arts to provide what you need:

  • Technical knowledgeto optimize your

       current acoustic, electric, or bass

  • Tone and touch experience to refine,

       modify and restore your current


  • Design and artistic experience to build

       an entirely custom instrument featuring

       your special needs and ergonomics.​